Greetings from the dean of the Graduate School

UNNO Toshihiro
UNNO Toshihiro (Ph.D.,DVM)
Dean of the Graduate School, Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences
Gifu University

On April 1, 2019, the Gifu University/Tottori University Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences was newly established, and the Joint Major in Veterinary Sciences of both Graduate Schools has been established. Gifu University had been organizing a Joint Veterinary Science Graduate School with Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Iwate University, and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, while Tottori University had been organizing a Joint Veterinary Science Graduate School with Yamaguchi University and Kagoshima University to conduct graduate school education, and they have been responsible for the training of researchers in various fields of veterinary science. On the other hand, each of these universities that make up the Joint Veterinary Science Graduate School have been working to enhance undergraduate education by combining the two universities to form a joint education curriculum which complies with the veterinary science education model core curriculum. Gifu University opened the Joint Department of Veterinary Sciences in 2013 with Tottori University, and the first year students graduated in 2018. Under these circumstances, after developing the traditional joint graduate school, the universities that are a part of the joint education curriculum have decided to open a new joint graduate school. This enables human resource training based on a consistent educational philosophy from undergraduate to graduate school.

The Joint Major in Veterinary Sciences by Gifu University and Tottori University Graduate Schools will take advantage of the characteristics of existing research activities from both universities, and aims for the training of “Animal hygiene and public health specialists”, “One Health specialists”, and “Treatment of intractable diseases and drug discovery specialists”. The objectives are to train “Animal hygiene and public health specialists” who can take the lead in the fight against infectious diseases such as hog cholera and foot-and-mouth disease; “One Health specialists” with the ability to think about maintaining worldwide health by taking internationally leading roles with the ability to see things from the perspectives of humans, animals, and the environment as a whole; and “Treatment of intractable diseases and drug discovery specialists” for taking the lead among clinical veterinarians and having the ability to promote translational research to clinically apply results from basic research to technologies and drug discovery.

We, the faculty and staff, will continue to make tireless efforts to develop and enhance education and research in the Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences. Therefore we ask for your understanding and support.

HIKASA Yoshiaki
HIKASA Yoshiaki (Ph.D.,DVM)
Dean of the Graduate School, Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences
Tottori University

This year, I was appointed the first dean of the The Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences at Tottori University. Tottori University has been a constituent member of the Joint Veterinary Science Graduate School in Yamaguchi University which includes training for a doctoral degree (veterinary science). This Graduate School was newly established in Tottori University as a standard 4 year Postgraduate Doctoral Program in collaboration with the Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences in Gifu University.

This Graduate School promotes advanced research in a wide range of fields on animal and human health including the health of the ecosystem, as well as training veterinary science educators and researchers who can contribute to the advanced veterinary science. We also hold an philosophy of education through research to train veterinary science specialists with advanced knowledge and technology, as well as expertise and ethics, who can take a leading role in international and regional societies. Under this philosophy, joint education with Gifu University will be held. In addition, in this Graduate School, an education program is planned for training Animal hygiene and public health specialists, One Health specialists, and specialists in the Treatment of intractable diseases and drug discovery, and we are aiming to solidify the foundation of this development as a graduate school to meet the needs of the society.

This Graduate School will aim for the further development of education research by strengthening the collaboration and cooperation of Graduate School education with the undergraduate education of Gifu University through the “Research and Development Promotion Center for Veterinary Science Education”, an upgraded version of the existing “Joint Major in Veterinary Sciences Education Development Promotion Center” in Tottori and Gifu Universities. On the other hand, promoting organic collaboration with educational and research institutes in Japan and overseas is important for the development of veterinary medicine, and we will make efforts to strengthen cooperation with other institutions.

As the foundation for education research at the Graduate School, past activities conducted at the joint veterinary science Graduate School will continue, such as research formation, inviting international students, sending Graduate School students overseas, and participating in the Asian International Symposium. This Graduate School will also promote new international academic exchanges, acquiring international students, presentations at international conferences, participation in international symposiums, joint research both in Japan and overseas, and developing an expansive global project as a new Graduate School. Furthermore, one of the important objectives of this Graduate School is regional contribution. We will contribute to the development of veterinary science with a global perspective by promoting regional research for developing regional leaders.

This Graduate School will conduct Graduate School education and research to meet the needs of society, as well as to function as a new human resource development organization based on the excellent ideas of our members. Therefore we ask for your continued support and understanding.