From generalist to specialist
〜Training for specialists in 3 advanced veterinary fields〜

This Graduate School will include training for advanced veterinary science specialists based on general veterinary science undergraduates. In addition to education for researchers, in order to train resources to become regional leaders, taking advantage of the characteristics of both universities (Animal hospital and Research Center for Wildlife Management, etc. at Gifu University; University Veterinary Medical Center, Avian Zoonosis Research Center, etc. at Tottori University) and past research achievements, the following 3 specialists trainings has been established to build an education curriculum that is directly connected to social issues (needs).

Animal hygiene and public health specialists

Specialists in the fields of animal hygiene and public health with the ability to respond quickly to domestic animal infectious diseases, such as avian influenza and foot-and-mouth disease, and food safety issues, as well as taking a regional leading role (prefecture and municipalities)

One Health specialists

Specialists with advanced expertise, leadership, and communication skills to meet international issues relating to infectious disease control of humans, animals, and the environment, such as zoonosis and drug-resistant bacteria

Treatment of intractable diseases and drug discovery specialists

Clinical veterinarians who can contribute to local communities as leaders in advanced medical centers such as intractable disease treatment, and researchers and educators who are responsible for the development of technologies and drug discovery to clinically apply the results of basic research to clinical practice

Spetialist Education

Distance learning system/student mobility

Faculty from Gifu and Tottori Universities will participate in education and research for their students through daily communication, through the use of teacher mobility, student mobility, and distance learning systems, to establish effective guidance for training veterinary science educators and researchers.

Research and Development Promotion Center for Veterinary Science Education

We have established the Research and Development Promotion Center for Veterinary Science Education for the realization of a smooth collaborative system between universities regarding the Graduate School education, aiming to promote Graduate School education and collaborative education with external affiliated organizations, and to develop a connection between the undergraduate stage and Graduate School education related to veterinary medicine.