Course and main faculty

Basic Veterinary Science Course

Field of expertise Affiliation
Full name Research details
Neurophysiology Gifu SHIMIZU Yasutake The regulatory mechanism of gastrointestinal motility
Neurophysiology Gifu SHIINA Takahiko Neuronal regulation of esophageal functions
Neurohistology Gifu SAITO Shoichiro Neurohistochemical study correlating with phylogeny of vertebrates
Pharmacology for Endogenous Substances Gifu UNNO Toshihiro Signal transduction mechanisms of drug receptors in smooth muscles
Glycobiology Tottori HOSAKA Yoshinao Research on sugar chains and cell differentiation mechanisms
Molecular Morphology Tottori WARITA Katsuhiko Research on statin sensitivity of different cancer cells with different origins
Neuronal physiology Tottori KITAMURA Naoki Research on the excitatory regulation mechanism of sensory neurons
Molecular Cell Pharmacology Tottori OTA Toshio Research on the molecular cell function of nociception and perception mechanism
Cell Pharmacology / Toxicology Tottori TAKAHASHI Kenji Research on cellular disorder and inflammatory pathology mechanisms

Pathology / Applied Veterinary Science Course

Field of expertise Affiliation
Full name Research details
Oncological Pathology Gifu SAKAI Hiroki Study on neoplastic diseases of animals
Molecular Infectious Diseases Gifu FUKUSHI Hideto Research on the mechanism of DNA Virus replication and pathogenesis
Zoonotic Diseases Gifu ITO Naoto Studies on pathogenic mechanism of rabies virus and development of a novel rabies vaccine
Wildlife Management Gifu SUZUKI Masatsugu Biology, physiology and morphology of wildlife animals
Animal Infectious Disease Control Gifu ASAI Tetsuo Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in animals
Diagnosis for Infectious Diseases Gifu INOSHIMA Yasuo Studies on pathological mechanisms and diagnosis of infectious diseases
Pathogen biology Gifu MASATANI Tatsunori Studies on infection strategy of protozoan parasites and viruses
Comparative Neuropathology Tottori MORITA Takehito Research on pathological development of metabolic diseases and infectious diseases in nervous system
Pathology of Veterinary Infectious Diseases Tottori SUNDEN Yuji Research on pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases
Zoonosis Tottori ITO Toshihiro Research on host-range restriction and pathogenic factors of zoonosis pathogens
Avian Infectious Diseases Tottori YAMAGUCHI Tsuyoshi Research on avian infection control and the ecology of pathogenic microorganisms
Veterinary Bacteriology Tottori MURASE Toshiyuki Research on pathogenicity and drug resistance of infection causing bacteria in animals
Mucosal Immunology Tottori TAKEUCHI Takashi Research on immune response in mucosal tissues
Pathogen Microbiology Tottori OZAKI Hiroichi Research on host-range analysis and pathogenic mechanism
Disease Model Zoology Tottori TOMIOKA Yukiko Development and analysis of model animals for tumor and viral diseases

Clinical Veterinary Science Course

Field of expertise Affiliation
Full name Research details
Small Animal Internal Medicine Gifu NISHII Naohito Development of novel method for diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases
Veterinary Parasitology Gifu KITOH Katsuya Pathology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of parasitic and hematological diseases in animals
Veterinary Parasitology Gifu TAKASHIMA Yasuhiro Relation between parasites and hosts
Veterinary Clinical Oncology Gifu MORI Takashi Pathophysiology and novel therapeutic approaches to neoplastic diseases in companion animals
Clinical Immunology Gifu MAEDA Sadatoshi Studies on molecular pathogenesis of immune-mediated diseases in animals
Veterinary Clinical Neurology Gifu KAMISHINA Hiroaki Studies on molecular pathogenesis of neurological diseases in animals
Theriogenology Gifu MURASE Tetsuma Studies of mechanisms regulating the fertilizing functions in mammalian spermatozoa
Theriogenology Gifu TAKASU Masaki Molecular breeding of mammals
Farm Animal Clinical Medicine Gifu OHBA Yasunori Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in farm animals
Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Gifu WATANABE Kazuhiro Development of diagnosis and treatment in small animal dentistry and oral surgery
Veterinary Anesthesiology Gifu SHIBATA Sanae Anesthesia and analgesia in animals
Veterinary Clinical Theriogenology Tottori HISHINUMA Mitsugu Research on reproductive physiology and reproductive engineering of livestock
Veterinary Diagnostics and Therapeutics Tottori HIKASA Yoshiaki Basic and clinical research on pathophysiology and biochemistry of medical diseases in animals, as well as diagnosis and treatment
Neurology Tottori TAKEUCHI Takashi Research on the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases
Veterinary Clinical Drug Therapeutics Tottori HARADA Kazuki Research on drug treatments for internal diseases in dogs and cats
Clinical Oncology Tottori OKAMOTO Yoshiharu Basic and clinical research on novel treatments for animal tumors
Small Animal Oncology Tottori OSAKI Tomohiro Research on novel diagnosis and treatment in small animal tumors
Clinical Anatomy Tottori IMAGAWA Tomohiro Anatomical analysis using CT and MRI images
Surgical Etiology Analysis Tottori AZUMA Kazuo Research on etiology of surgical diseases and their clinical applications